El Catador Club Signup rolls out

Many craft beer events are quickly becoming renowned for how many people show up, how many complaints get registered, and how many people feel wronged at the end of the day because the host brewery was not prepared. All of those labels embody everything that Cigar City Brewing hoped to avoid with the signup for their new reserve society, El Catador Club.

When the brewery announced Saturday night via social media that the signup would be open to anyone who showed up today only, some were wary, but many saw the move as a class act. The comments today on Twitter following the hashtag #elcatador seemed positive and complimentary of the Cigar City Brewing crew. Several complimented how quickly the line was moving, and one user boasted that he was in and out of the signup process in twenty minutes.

While the signup process still has about twenty minutes left, and the brewery is still tallying members, and the process has been moved to inside the CCB compound as of about 10:00pm. It looks like this signup will be counted a success and the only thing members will be feeling is the gloss on their shiny membership cards.