El Catador sells out online in under 30 minutes

Tampa- It took less than a half an hour after Cigar City Brewing posted “GO!” on Facebook for them to reach the 500 mark of emails from hopeful out-of-area El Catador prospects.

The brewery posted the rules for online El Catador signups at 4:26pm and had hopeful folks who wanted to join wait until 8pm EST GMT to send an email. When the brewery posted that club memberships were full the clock read 8:27pm.

El Catador statistics: It took 27 minutes to sell 500 memberships to people from outside of Tampa, and five days (Sunday until Thursday) to sell 1,000 memberships to locals via the Cigar City Tasting Room. Now 1,500 people are members of the club; since Catadors get one bottle of five different beers that means 7,500 bottles of Cigar City beer are pre-destined for club members.

No word yet on what the beers of El Catador Club will be, but the brewery is working with the twitter hashtag #elcatadorclub and the twitter handle @elcatadorclub to communicate directly with members.