7venth Sun launches new website

Ever wonder what’s on draft at a local brewery, but don’t feel like making a phone call? Nothing’s on the web, so the choice is either to hoof it on down to the brewery and hope for the best or sit at home and wonder what’s possibly being missed? Dunedin’s 7venth Sun Brewery has it covered.

As 7venth Sun Brewery launched their new website, http://www.7venthsun.com, one of the most highly-anticipated features is a digital chalkboard– an internet representation of the real-life chalkboard in the brewery. Now, no phone calls or emails are necessary to see what’s on tap, the brewery can update their tasting room offerings with a click of the mouse.

The website also features a few more digital goodies like a succinct summary of the 7venth Sun story (spoilers: Devon has a degree in fermentation science and used to work for Anheuser-Busch Brewery and Sweetwater Brewing), a calendar of events, and a web store.

For more information, see the 7venth Sun website.