Cigar City brews with GWAR

It’s not a new ingredient that Cigar City Brewing is using, instead it is a satirical metal band from Virginia that enjoyed a CCB beer and asked for more.

Port Richey Homebrewer and Gwar fan Rob Chalmers brewed a beer for the band, and they liked it so much that they gave him permission to use the band’s logo and imagery, then asked for some more of the beer. Chalmers contacted Cigar City when the band asked for more than he could make, and together Chalmers and brewer Josh Brengle came up with the beer’s current incarnation.

Gwar Impaled Ale will be released at GWAR-B-Q Saturday at the Crow Bar in Ybor City. GWAR themselves will not be present, but a GWAR cover band and several other metal bands will perform and free samples of Impaled ale will be handed out.