Hourglass Brewery celebrates first anniversary

Longwood- One of Metro Orlando’s northern breweries is celebrating one year of operation on August 17th. When Hourglass Brewery opened doors a year ago, they did so in Longwood, north of Orlando and sought to blend styles and bend local ideas of what beer could be. Now, after one year in operation, they are celebrating this momentous occasion with three food trucks, four bands, and twenty-three Hourglass beers on tap.

What beers will they have on tap? According to their event page:


MERKHET3 | Mocha Imperial Stout
Thick, viscous Imperial Stout brewed with Cacao, Coffee Beans, Saigon Vietnamese Cinnamon and Molasses. A favorite among Hourglass patrons and employees.

SCHIZANDRA | Oak Aged Belgian Quad
Malt forward Belgian Quadruple brewed with Schisandra Berries, Sour Cherries, and Orange Peels aged on French Oak Chips soaked in Moonshine.

DRIE VRUCHTEN | Tripel w/ Fruit Blend
Light in color, full of complex tropical flavors and strong as a Tripel should be. Brewed with Pineapple, White Nectarine and Red Grapefruit.

STRAUB VAN GRAHAM | Strawberry Vanilla Wheat Ale
A customer favorite for sure. Often described as Strawberry Jam Beer. Among Strawberry it is also brewed with Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Molasses and Brown Sugar.

SHILLELAGH SMACK! | Strong Irish Red
Sweet, malty and delicious. Strong fruit characters from various hops additions and ester production. A smooth and strong Irish Ale that will get you jiggin!

CALENDAE | Pale Ale w/ Marigolds
Marigolds or Calendula flowers and naturally bitter complimenting perfectly with a hop forward, unfiltered summer beer. A nice change of taste for the hop head.

MORLOCK | Milk Stout
Robust, chocolate rich, roasted Stout with a smooth Milk texture. Full bodied and full flavored Milk Stout.

BROWN BEER… What Do You See? | American Brown Ale
Not a simple brown ale at all. Oatmeal produces a full bodies, silk like mouthfeel. A precise blend of Chocolate, Honey and various Crystal malts brings out a light, stout-like Brown Ale.

GHANTA | India Pale Ale
A hefty, citrus forward India Pale Ale balanced by a malty base provided by Golden Promise grains. Stronger than an average IPA yet easily session-able.

APE COAT | Apricot Pale Ale
Smooth, rich Apricot flavor coated over a mildly hopped Pale Ale. Caramel sweetness underlies the palette while subtle yet prominent Apricot flavors make the beer shine.

Hop forward Pale Ale style brewed with Agave Nectar. Upon flameout addition of Cascade Hops toasted Sunflower Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds bring out an earthy, spiced flavored Ale.

Other beers will be announced the day of the event as well as many guest taps, bottles and various wines, sodas, ciders and meads.