J. Wakefield Brewing raises $55,000 in 26 hours

J. Wakefield Brewing wants to be Miami’s newest craft brewery. Apparently folks in the public want this as well– the brewery and its head brewer Johnathan Wakefield posted a campaign on the brewery crowdsourcing website, Crowdbrewed, and within 26 hours had raised their goal of over $55,000.

J. Wakefield Brewing, or JWB, has announced several new items in their crowdsourcing video on Crowdbrewed. The brewery will brew on a 15-barrel system, that was known from previous announcements. Wakefield will also continue to collaborate with Cigar City Brewing and their head brewer, Wayne Wambles, in the Cervesas Frescas series that brought Guanabana and Horchata beers to the taps. Wakefield also vaguely mentions that other collaborations are in the planning stages, including collaboration and brewing at Brewer’s Tasting Room in Saint Petersburg.

The video also provides highlights of Wakefield’s history as a homebrewer and collaborative brewer, including projects with Cigar City Brewing and Peg’s Cantina/Cycle Brewing as part of that history.

The next landmark in the history of JWB?
* The brewery plans to be up and running by January of 2014.
* The brewery will have four core beers: Hops in Session IPA, El Jefe Hefeweizen, Mate Bliss Brown Ale, and Master Blaster Porter.
* 25% of production will be dedicated to producing and maintaining their Florida Weisses, highly fruited, low-gravity, and uber tart Berliner Weisses perfect for the Florida weather that utilize fresh, local ingredients to showcase the unique flavors of South Florida.

With 43 days left in the campaign, the sky is the limit to how much Wakefield can raise to fund his Miami Brewery. Now the question stands: How much Florida Weisse will $55,000 bring to market?