Swamp Head Brewery releases Big Nose cans

While it sounds like a new type of revolutionary can, Big Nose cans are simply cans of Swamp Head’s aroma-heavy IPA, Big Nose.

Swamp Head announced yesterday that cans of the brewery’s IPA, Big Nose, will be available in cans on Friday, 20 September, for their weekly event, Football Friday. Big Nose will cost $11 for a six-pack of cans and will go on sale in the Wetlands Tasting Room, and according to the brewery there are “limited quantities available.”

Big Nose IPA will join Stump Knocker Pale Ale as Swamp Head’s second foray into the world of canning their beer. No word yet on other Swamp Head beers going into cans, despite the release of can artwork earlier in the year indicating approval for all five Swamp Head core beers in cans.