J. Wakefield Brewing signs for distribution

The same Miami brewery who had one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in the history of CrowdBrewed.com has now chosen a distributor for the Miami market.

According to an email from Gold Coast “J. Wakefield Brewing just announced his distribution deal with our company, Gold Coast Beverage Distributors.”

Who is Gold Coast Beverage? According to their website:

Gold Coast Beverage Distributors has been in operation since 1946 as a beer and water wholesaler. In 1996, Gold Coast Beverage Distributors was purchased by the current owners. While Gold Coast Beverage was originally a Coors-Pabst distributor (along with some imports), the new ownership decided to expand their business almost immediately through several strategic purchases.

The first purchase gave the South Division (Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties) the rights to the Miller portfolio, St. Pauli Girl, Sam Adams, and other beer brands in December 2001. Then, in February 2002, the North Division (Broward County) obtained Miller, Heineken, St. Pauli Girl, and Sam Adams among others. Finally, in June 2008, Gold Coast acquired the Palm Beach County territory, securing the northern rights to much of their existing beer portfolio.

These purchases have allowed Gold Coast Beverage the opportunity to offer the South Florida market a wide range of exceptional beer brands. Led by hard work from a dedicated base of employees passionate about the beer business, the company has nearly doubled in size and case sales over the past 15 years. Gold Coast beverage is now the largest beer distributor in Florida and one of the top 10 in sales in the United States. As a leader in the state of Florida, the company will continue to look for potential growth opportunities for our employees and extended portfolio offerings for our customers.