Intuition Ale Works works to end ban on 64oz growlers

The growler debate is definitely heating up again. Several articles in statewide newspapers can attest to that. Many lawyers, including friends of Florida Beer News BrewersLaw, have weighed in on the subject. Jacksonville’s Intuition Ale Works is going with their gut and has hired a lobbying firm to help with efforts to legalize the industry-standard 64oz containers.

According to a recent article, Intuition’s Ben Davis signed with the Fiorentino Group, a group of lobbyists who will add to the call from the Florida Brewers’ Guild to legalize 64oz growlers statewide. The Florida Brewers’ Guild currently has two lobbyists, Joshua Aubuchon and Mark Delegal, who lobby in Florida for growler law changes.

64oz growlers are standard throughout the beer industry. Florida is one of only three states nationwide to prohibit the sale of 64oz growlers. As Cigar City Brewing’s Vice President Justin Clark pointed out in a YouTube video last year, a 32oz growler means two pints of beer; a 128oz growler means eight pints of beer, but the standard 64oz growler, which would mean four pints of beer is currently illegal.

via SaintPetersBlog