Lagerhaus Brewery to celebrate 6th anniversary

Palm Harbor- Lagerhaus Brewing Company began as the brainchild of Mr. Franz Rothschadl and Mr. Josef Fischer. After winning numerous awards for beers of various types and service while working for other restaurants, the two men decided to form their own brewpub in the Eastlake area of Oldsmar/ Palm Harbor.

Thus Lagerhaus was born in December, six years ago. The brewery began making European-themed beers, they branched out and have brewed many American twists into their beers, like adding pear to their hefeweizen, which Rothschadl admits would get him “tarred and feathered in Germany.” Lagerhaus pours at many local festivals- everything from their light and refreshing beers to their big boozy behemoth dubbed “44 magnum.”

This weekend the brewery and restaurant will celebrate six years in business at their Palm Harbor Brewery. The party will last from noon to midnight at 3438 South EasT Lake Business Center in Palm Harbor.

From the brewery:

I can’t believe it! Our Lagerhaus is going to be 6 years old and It has been quite a ride! Join me for our birthday bash this Saturday and every Lagerhauser will get a free beer or wine of choice on us. Larry is going to roast a whole “pig with a twist” in the Biergarten!