Mr. Beery’s Sarasota has a new owner

Mr. Beery’s, one of Sarasota’s first craft beer bars, has been owned by New York transplant Mark Tuchman since it opened. Mr. Beery’s has hosted breweries far and wide in tap takeovers, Sarasota launches, glassware giveaways, and rare events. This venerable craft beer bar has introduced many folks to the craft beer movement with events like Beer Geek Show and Tell, Cupcakes and Beer Pairings, and countless other events.

According to selling owner Tuchman, he just felt himself spread too thin.

The new owner, Michael Lawlor, is coming into bar ownership from the finance world, and plans to keep Mr. Beery’s pretty status quo. Lawlor was a regular at Mr. Beery’s under Tuchman’s ownership and has been training under Tuchman for the ownership transition.

From the Sarasota Herald-Tribune