Florida Beer Company to release Florida Sweet Stout during Tampa Bay Beer Week

Florida Beer Company has a new facility, a state-of-the-art brewing system, and some new beers being released. According to Florida Beer Company Brand Ambassador Tom Barris, Florida Sweet Stout is “one of two new beers coming out in early 2014 from FBC.”

What is Florida Sweet Stout?

Florida Sweet Stout is a 4.3%, easy-drinking sweet stout.

Our Florida Sweet Stout is a full bodied stout which incorporates lactose and sugar additions throughout the process in order to achieve a smooth light residual sweetness on the palate. The addition of chocolate malt produces a strong chocolate, darken fruit aspect during tasting and also lends to the near pitch black color. There is a light hop addition to round out the brew. This beer is fermented with lager yeast producing a non-existent ester profile which can be found in other stouts. This beer will finish dry and clean which make it extremely drinkable.

This, full body/low alcohol sweet stout, is a beer that shows the new direction that FBC is going. We are making an array of styles that are unique, not made here locally and at such a high production quality, due to our state of the art brewhouse.

Florida Sweet Stout will first be released during Tampa Bay Beer Week at Kuba Cigars on Davis Island on March 1st at 8pm.