Berliner Bash date changed

The Berliner Bash on the Bay, an annual event that brings out the most acidic beers that Florida has to offer, has had to change its 2014 date.

J. Wakefield Brewing, the event organizer, posted the change on Facebook (note that Wakefield refers to the event as “Floridaweisse Bash” and Cycle Brewing refers to it as Berliner Bash–it is the same event):

The Floridaweisse Bash will now be held on May 10th at Green Bench brewing. We had to move it due to some scheduling conflicts. I should have more hard details later this week but this is a firm date so we hope you guys will be able to make it out.

The event will take place at Green Bench Brewing Company at 1134 Baum Avenue North in Saint Petersburg on May 10th. No time has yet been posted.