Fermentation Lounge to release Canopy Roads collaboration

Fermentation Lounge (known to locals as “The Ferm”) has bragging rights as Tallahassee’s first craft brewery since the rough waters of the late 1990s. They are not resting on their laurels, though. The folks at The Ferm are using their reputation and brewing system to help local up-and-coming breweries leave the locals with a lingering taste of their liquids.

After a successful collaboration with Grasslands Brewing Company, now the Ferm Folks have collaborated with Canopy Roads Brewing Company to bring a preview of their beers and their team. From The Ferm’s Facebook page:

We [had] a ton of fun hanging out with the folks from Canopy Roads Brewing. All of you will be able to enjoy what all of that fun produced. This baby is an American wheat ale (think Blue Moon, without the corporate attachments) with a healthy, yet not overpowering, addition of citra hops to accentuate the citrus notes and highlight the tang of the tea used in creating a perfect summer ale. We will have two versions on tap for your swigging pleasure.

We gave them a barrel (30 gallons) to highlight their recipe – an orange blossom tea wheat. Using locally sourced and produced ingredients; wildflower honey from T’s of Tallahassee and local orange blossom tea from Tomato Cafe and Tea Room in Havana as well as Florida oranges.

We took the remaining 10 gallons and tweaked as only we could..and came up with a rather tasty sidekick. Instead of wildflower honey and oranges, our additions of lemon and gallberry honey really showcase how subtle changes of ingredients can really change a beer (or wine or bourbon or, well, you get the idea).

Come by and meet the Canopy Roads Brewing gang and enjoy both varieties of an amazing beer this Thursday when we open our doors.

Fermentation Lounge is located at 113 All Saints Street in Tallahassee.