JDub’s Brewing to join Bern’s Legacy Series

Press Release:

This week JDub’s CEO/ Founder Jeremy Joerger and Brewmaster Tom Harris traveled up
to Bern’s steakhouse in Tampa. JDub’s is partnering with the iconic steakhouse to
create an extremely limited beer, sold exclusively in 750ml bottles at Bern’s. The beer
will be aged in a George Dickel whiskey barrel, hand-selected at the distillery by Bern’s manager Nate Wilson.

JDub’s is only the second brewery Bern’s has partnered with during it’s storied history.

The beer will be part of the Bern’s “Legacy” series. Legacy 1 and Legacy 2 were brewed by Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing. JDub’s plan for Legacy 3, is to brew a strong porter with smoked cherry wood, then age the beer in the George Dickel Whiskey barrel.

This beer is likely 2-3 months from it’s release. Stay tuned for details.