Redlight Redlight to host Zwanze Day 2014

One of Belgium’s most revered brewers of sour and inspired beers, Brasserie Cantillon of Brussels has announced the list of bars that will receive kegs of their once-a-year released Zwanze. Once again, Orlando’s Redlight Redlight has risen to the top of the short list of host establishments for this uber-rare Belgian beer.

Zwanze Day 2014 is September 20th.

About Zwanze: Zwanze is released once a year by Brasserie Cantillon of Brussels, and prior to 2011 the beer was released in numbered bottles. Cantillon owner Jean Van Roy was content to sell his bottles of Zwanze out of the brewery for about 6 euros, but then he logged on to his computer. His jaw dropped when his bottles appeared on eBay, he noticed that the bottle that he worked so hard to make and sell at a reasonable price was selling for 80 euros. Then and there he made a command decision: he would not sell a bottle of Zwanze in the same way again.

From Zwanze Day 2011 onward to today, Brasserie Cantillon selects a handful of bars around the world to pour Zwanze, thus making it an international liquid outreach, instead of a limited bottle sale. Since the brewery would have to select bars, they could exercise control over those who want to sell the beer on eBay. The release of Zwanze has since become an opportunity to meet and enjoy drafts with fellow beer enthusiasts instead of simply a chance to resell a bottle to those who cannot get one.

Fast forward to 2014, and for the third year in a row Brent Hernandez and his crew at Orlando’s Redlight Redlight (2810 Corrine Drive Orlando 32803) will be 1 of over 50 worldwide tappings of Cantillon Zwanze. The only such tapping in Florida, the next closest tapping being in New Orleans, Louisiana.