Engine 15 to end Brew Your Own program

From the beginning of the brewery, Engine 15 Brewing Company was committed to helping new and aspiring brewers perfect their recipes and learn how to brew beer on a bigger brewing system. Unfortunately, Engine 15 is going to have to stop that program in the name of progress, but that space will not be lost.

From the Engine 15 Newsletter:

For the past four years, we have loved having kettles for you guys to brew your own beer. We hope you have learned a lot and made some great beer. But change is coming and those kettles will soon be relocated downtown.

As we gear up in La Villa, we now have space to store grain and other brewing supplies that used to live at the Beach. The GREAT news is that we will have more room for YOU very soon. And we have some very cool ideas for the space so stay tuned.

If you have a gift certificate for Brew-Your-Own, don’t wait…call us TODAY and set up a brew date. You will get first priority until Friday, Sept 5th since that special someone was so wonderful to buy you that present. After that, we will open the schedule for any last appointments and the remaining spots will fill up fast.

If you don’t read this in time OR can’t get in to brew, we are happy to use the amount towards beer or food or tshirts. Of course the credit is not lost.

For those of you curious, we will still brew speciality beers and seasonals at the Beach. All flagship beers will be brewed downtown. And rumors of a biergarten downtown are still alive but there are permits to be approved and lots of beer to brew before that’s a reality. But that is the end goal.