7venth Sun’s week of two collaboration beers

7venth Sun Brewery, Dunedin’s Broadway brewery, has had quite a week. Brewing beer to keep up with demand, even brewing collaboration beers is nothing new to these sunny folks. This week saw two guest collaborators with plenty of great beers in store.

The collaborators so far are keeping pretty mum on some of the finer details, but Monday saw a visit from Ferndale, Michigan’s B. Nektar Meadery. Pictures show B. Nektar owner Brad Dahlhofer and 7venth Sun co-owner Justin Stange peeling what looks like an orange.

The second collaboration beer, brewed today, is made with fellow Tampa Bay soon-to-be- brewery Angry Chair Brewing. No word on this beer except that it will be a white stout. Yes, a white stout. The big question is: should this duo be called Angry Sun or 7venth Chair?