Coppertop Brewing to open in South Florida

South Florida’s warm breezes and azure waters seem to be very welcoming, or at least one would think from the number of craft breweries in the planning stages. Experienced and award-winning brewer Matthew Cox has his hopper primed and hopes to open Coppertop Brewing as the second Boynton Beach craft brewery before year’s end.

According to an article in the Palm Beach Post, Cox will open Coppertop at a warehouse facility not far from Boynton Beach’s other craft brewery, Due South Brewing. The brewery will be situated at 151 Commerce Road in Boynton Beach, and will feature a tasting room.

Matt Cox is best known for his work guiding Big Bear Brewing Company of Coral Springs for the last 13 years. Coppertop is Cox’s first solo expedition, but if Big Bear’s beers are any indication, Coppertop has a tasty future.