Motorworks Brewing to pour barrel-aged brews on Black Friday

Black Friday has become the day when crazy deals bring even modest shoppers out into the retail wilderness. Local craft breweries have caught on to this madness and, in recent years, have done their best to be a port in the storm for weary Christmas shoppers. This year, Motorworks Brewing will stop teasing photos and hints of their barrel-aged beers and pour them on Black Friday.

From Motorworks Newsletter:

Don’t fight the holiday crowds this year! Instead come treat yourself to some very Limited Edition Special Releases, including our Barrel Aged Barleywine, Barrel Aged Tamarind Brown Ale, and Russian Imperial Stout, available both on draft and for the first time ever, in the bottle also! Mark you calendars for “Big Beer Black Friday” now! November 28th, 2014!

Motorworks Brewing is located at 1014 Ninth Street West in Bradenton.