The Pit Boss returns to Pair O Dice

Clearwater’s Pair O Dice Brewing made a plethora of new beers for their recent anniversary party. Since Pair O Dice likes to showcase the hoppier potential in a beer, many of those beers were hop-forward marvels of craft beer.

Well, one favorite of the anniversary party, The Pit Boss Triple IPA, will be returning soon to Pair O Dice, and the brewery will be making an event out of it.

The Pit Boss is back! If you missed our One Year Anniversary this will be your last chance to try our 13.7% ABV Triple IPA until our bottle release….yes there will be a bottle release but more details on that later. We’ll also have 12 different IPAs and Pales on tap, Cheers!

Who’s Your Dumplin? will be serving up their awesome dumplings from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM.

Tap List:
1. The Pit Boss Triple IPA
2. The Stickman Double IPA
3. Let It Ryed IPA
4. Fowler’s Bluff IPA
5. Lemongrass and Sorachi Ace Fowler’s Bluff IPA
6. Up Hops the Devil Imperial Red IPA
7. Hop Bet Red IPA
8. Hard Way IPA
9. Mexicali Jalapeno Lime Pale Ale
10. Double Down Grapefruit & Tangerine Extra Pale Ale
11. Double Hopped Down Extra Pale Ale
12. Nitro Fowler’s Bluff IPA
13. Nina Wheat
14. Hobo’s Delight Winter Warmer
15. Bone Daddy Pumpkin Ale
16. Shooter Brown
17. Little Joe Stout
18. Nitro Little Joe Stout

Pair O Dice Brewing is located at 4400 118th Avenue North in Clearwater.