Tomoka Brewery to host metal night in honor of Darrell Abbott

Craft beer has long been partnered with art as an illustration of how both take time, skill, and craftsmanship to produce. Craft brewers have sometimes made beers to show respect to those musicians who inspire them to their creativity. Tomoka Brewery of Ormond Beach is doing just that, and on the anniversary of a performer’s tragic death.

Tomoka Brewery will be honoring the late “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott of Pantera and Damageplan fame. Abbott was killed ten years ago when a crazed fan came onto a stage where Abbott’s band was performing and shot him dead.

From Tomoka Brewery’s event page:

We Will be hosting a night of Metal in tribute to one of Metal’s Greatest Guitarists Dimebag Darrell. Along with awesome music we will be serving Tomoka Brewery’s Imperial Porter on the Randall over Crown Royal soaked oak.