Coppertail Brewing bottles are on Tampa shelves

Coppertail Brewing, Tampa’s newest craft brewery, is now shipping beer.

Well, bottled beer, that is–kegged beer has been in bars and restaurants for a few months now.

Coppertail owner Kent Bailey excitedly announced this weekend: “We just released core 4 six packs (Free Dive, Unholy, Night Swim, and Wheat Stroke) in Tampa. Look for them at Total Wine, ABC, and Craft Beer Cellar. Right now they’re on the Tampa side of the bay only.”

Also available will be Coppertail’s first limited bottle release, a Goji Berry Baltic porter known as “Seasonal Relief.” While the brewery is sold out, limited amounts will be in distribution and should be appearing on Tampa retail shelves today or tomorrow.

"Seasonal Relief" marks Coppertail's first bottle release.

“Seasonal Relief” marks Coppertail’s first bottle release.