Hunahpu Day returns to Tampa

In one year, it seems like Cigar City Brewing has brought Tampa both great news and terrible news. Last year’s one-day release of Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout seemed like it would be a great time full of limited beers culminating in the release of the Tampa brewery’s lauded dark magic stout. Then the worst happened and after a different kind of day than the brewery imagined, Cigar City Brewing owner Joey Redner swore off Hunahpu Day and told Tampa Bay that the festival known as Hunahpu Day was gone, never to return.

Then one foggy winter’s eve, Cigar City posted a graphic on Facebook that alluded to the return of Hunahpu Day and there was much rejoicing. The brewery promised that this year would be different, and after preliminary details were released, the message is confirmed and clear: Hunahpu Day will definitely be a different animal this year.
The details?

*Hunahpu Day tickets will cost $200 a piece. Yes, $200.
*That ticket price will include four bottles of Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout valued at $20 each.
*There will only be 2,000 tickets and members of El Catador Club will have the first chance to buy them. If all Catador members buy, then there will be 500 tickets available to the public.
*According to the brewery, “Each ticket will bear the buyer’s name, and each attendee will need an ID to match it. No exceptions.”
*A new ticketing system is in place as the brewery will use Ticketfly instead of previous services.

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The brewery commented on Facebook that “Full brewery and beer list coming next week.”

Tampans can rejoice as Tampa’s annual beer release and craft beer celebration has returned, hopefully for good.