Intuition Ale Works to release The Underdark

Intuition Ale Works, Jacksonville’s award-winning craft brewery, has one day each year where they shut down part of their block and release their highly-regarded imperial stout aged in oak barrels dubbed “The Underdark.”

Intuition has recently posted a few details of this year’s Underdark release:

We are releasing the Underdark on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7TH FROM 12PM TO 9PM at the brewery. We are closing down the street and turning it into a block party!

Legends tell of the Underdark, a vast dark and dangerous place where few brave souls have journeyed, and from which even fewer have returned.

Journeying through the unforgiving terrain where cruel creatures lurk within the dark caves is not for the faint of heart, and neither is this drink. It is for the brave who journey fearlessly into the dark void to battle true darkness.

Let the mead halls forever echo with the sounds of praise for the warriors who dared travel the Underdark.

Underdark bomber bottles are $15 EACH.

Bottle purchases are CASH ONLY.

BRING YOUR ID – we will not sell Underdark to anyone without an ID.

LIMIT two bottles per person.

LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE – when bottles are gone, they’re gone!

Underdark TEES ($20) and SNIFTERS ($6) will be available for purchase.

Underdark will be ON TAP.


Intuition Ale Works is located at 720 King Street in Jacksonville.