Cycle Brewing announces changes to Barrel-Aged Day

Cycle Brewing has broken in their space in Saint Petersburg nicely- they have worked out several bottle releases and “rare” tappings with style (and no more than the usual number of complaints). Now, in an effort to be good neighbors to both customers and nearby businesses, the craft brewery has announced some changes to the way their highly-anticipated Barrel-Aged Day will go down in 2015.

From Cycle Brewing’s Facebook Page:

Seen a few people looking to plan for our annual Barrel Aged Day event in March and before anybody gets too far we would like to announce a major change. We are not doing BA Day like we have done in the past. We have a new plan.
This year we are going to be doing barrel aged week, with more than just 1 random tap per day and if all goes to plan a MTWThF bottle series, new beer each day. Friday will still have the most taps, including all the MTWThF beers.
Reasons for the change are many but it mostly boils down to the size of the crowd. Peg’s was packed, including the side street, and the line grew to 2+ hours (albeit an extremely calm and friendly 2+ hour line.) If we wouldn’t stand in that line, we can’t expect any of our customers to. It was still a good event but that was the limit and we were looking at even more people this year which had too much potential for a bad scene. No matter what you do, you simply can’t pour a huge tap list fast enough or well enough to move a line that long in a timely manner.
Many more details to be ironed out, including venue (could be a ticketed all inclusive 200 people event at Peg’s) might be taps at both places, none of those decisions have been made and we have just begun to sort through our barrels. This is just a heads up to anybody making bigger plans than a 10 minute drive to check it out.
We are thankful to everybody who makes these events so great and we are more than a little sad to be unable to repeat what we felt was one of the best events of the week.