Cask & Larder teams up with the Bach Festival for beer and song

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A unique and harmonious collaboration between Cask & Larder and the Bach Festival Society of Winter Park has produced a limited edition beer that pays homage to legendary 18th-century German composer and noted beer lover Johann Sebastian Bach. And it has inspired the acclaimed Bach Festival Choir to add a selection of German beer hall songs to its typically classical repertoire.

The Bach Festival Society of Winter Park, the third-oldest Bach society in the United States, observes its 80th anniversary in 2015 with performances scheduled between Feb. 7 and March 1. To commemorate the occasion, Cask & Larder will tap its Brandenburger Bock at the restaurant at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 7 while members of the Bach Festival Choir serenade the crowd with traditional German beer hall songs. The party is scheduled to last until 6 p.m. and will feature happy hour prices on the special release.

The collaboration came about after Betsy Gwinn and Alex Tiedtke, of the Bach Festival Society, came across a 300-year old letter Johann Sebastian Bach wrote to a friend proclaiming his love for a barrel of beer he had received as a gift. Gwinn and Tiedtke approached Cask & Larder head brewers Larry Foor and Garrett Ward about brewing a beer in a style similar to the one with which Bach was so smitten.

“After first conceptualizing this project with Betsy and Alex and learning more about Bach, Garrett and I dug deeper into the methods of brewing and style of beers in Germany during the 18th century and came up with the Brandenburger Bock, which takes its name from Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos,” said Foor. “When we brewed the beer we tried to be as traditional as possible when it came to the ingredients. We used some German malts and hops and even tried to mimic the water chemistry of Munich. We like to think it’s a ‘Bach’s Bock’.”

Dr. John Sinclair, artistic director and conductor of the Bach Festival Society of Winter Park, said the event is a good way to spread the influence of Bach beyond the concert hall.

“J.S. Bach enjoyed life enormously and this certainly included his beverages, especially beer,” said Sinclair. “I am excited for the celebration of our 80th festival to extend into new community venues such as Cask & Larder and convey Bach as such a relatable person.”

The Brandenburger Bock release party will also feature a special food menu to pair with the beer. The limited edition beer will be available on tap at Cask & Larder until it runs out and also will be sold in 32-ounce to-go crowlers for $7 per can.
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