Green Bench Brewing to release four Russian imperial stouts

When Green Bench Brewing of Saint Petersburg is quiet, it usually means that head brewer Khris Johnson is up to something. In this case, it is several somethings.

Green Bench Brewing is currently pre-selling tickets for four bottles of the Russian Imperial Stout “Russian Mail Order Bride.” Tickets are available here.

From Green Bench:

On Saturday, February 21st Green Bench is releasing a package of 4 beers, sold together, that were all aged and treated differently. The base of this beer was meant to showcase an American interpretation of the Russian Imperial Style.

While our version is dryer and more assertively roast forward in comparison to many Russian Imperial Stouts, we didn’t want to lose the bold, big bodied characteristics that we adore from the style. In addition to the base Russian Mail Order Bride we decided to play around with a couple of different barrels for aging purposes, in this case Apple Brandy and Tequila. What we found were very exciting new characteristics developed that were subtle, but all together very different from the base. In fact, we found that the best way to pick out the flavors in the barrel aged versions was to directly compare them with a blend of the two. We wanted to provide all of these beers in a way that encourages you to taste the delicate nuances of each version.

So, what you’ll be getting in this pre-order is:

One 750ml bottle of the base Russian Mail Order Bride
One 750ml bottle of the Russian Mail Order Apple Brandy Barrel Aged
One 750ml bottle of the Russian Mail Order Tequila Barrel Aged
One 750ml bottle of the Russian Mail Order blended (2 barrel) Aged

We’re offering this pre-order release event package at $60 total (a $10 discount from what we’ll be retailing these for in our tasting room). We’re only selling 350 packages total in this pre-order and each person will be limited to a quantity of 3.

At the release day event we’ll be opening at 11am, an hour before we release bottle sales to the public so that you can:

a.) Pick up your pre-ordered bottles, and
b.) Order up discounted pours of each beer on tap in the tasting (limited supply).

Your pre-order receipts is your ticket to the release event!

P.S. If you cannot make it to the release event, we’ll hold your bottle orders for a total of 4 weeks to give you time to pick them up.