Engine 15 to add arcade to taproom

That’s right. Engine 15 of Jacksonville has announced that soon there will be an “old-school” arcade as part of their taproom.

From the Engine 15 newsletter:

Welcome back to your childhood
We’ve cleared out space in the back of the brewery and what better to do with it than turn it into an old school arcade. Because you didn’t already love our tap room enough.

The first games to arrive will be Galaga, Defender, Space Invaders, Ms Pac-Man, Centipede and SkeeBall that – what for it – spits out FREE beer tickets! Seriously.

We have gotten A LOT of feedback through social media on other games you’d like to see and we do have room for a few more so we will tally the votes and surprise you with a few more.

The space is finished and the games are due to arrive at the end of the week so get ready to get your 80’s on! Feel free to start growing your Tom Selleck mustache and wing your hair.

Engine 15 Brewing Company is located at 1500 Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville Beach.