Bangin’ Banjo Brewing Company is building in Pompano Beach

Bangin’ Banjo Brewing Company is the next in a line of craft breweries looking to call South Florida home.

South Florida is certainly on the verge of a craft beer renaissance with a handful of breweries opening their doors in 2014, several slated for 2015, and many more in the years to come. Bangin’ Banjo Brewing is focusing on bringing their beers to South Florida. The brewery began construction on their space in March of 2015 and promises to keep the public updated in the process.

Bangin’ Banjo Brewing Company is the brainchild of partners Adam Feingold (co-owner) and Matthew Giani (co-owner and brewer). The two have locked in a 5,000 square-foot space for Bangin’ Banjo’s brewery and tasting room and will begin work on recipes on a 3-barrel brewing system.

Feingold describes the name as a reflection of Bangin’ Banjo’s mission: “Any day beer for everyday people.” [This]

is because we tend to focus and brew beers that are very drinkable. We definitely have our fair share of beers that will be “big” or “imperial”, but a majority of our beers are designed to be very drinkable, while still maintaining that high quality flavor profile with layers of depth and character. Our styles of beers that we don’t necessarily intend to start out with but people can expect down the road would be a, Belgian Wit, Saison, Roggenbier (German Rye), as well as a Black IPA that inspired our name and one of my favorite recipes that we do.

What can the public expect from Bangin’ Banjo Brewing?

Feingold says that the current plan is six core beers anchoring the lineup:

A Cream Ale, Amber Ale, Gose, American IPA, Belgian Red (Which has the body of an amber, but the yeast character of a belgian blonde), and finally a milk stout (Which won a best of show at the Commander SAAZ competition back in September, there’s a cool trophy on our facebook page). We plan on releasing beer names and rolling out more information about the beers when we’re about a month away from opening.

Cheers to Bangin’ Banjo Brewing Company as construction continues and they continue to build the South Florida craft beer scene.