Barley Mow is releasing The Company to the masses

Referring to those who would gather to sing the Barley Mow Hymn (an old hymn to celebrate the harvest), Barley Mow Brewing is releasing the California Common known as The Company.

According to Barley Mow’s Tom Barris, “The Company” is “one of our tavern beers that we all loved and pushed to get brewed on the big system. This one goes back to our name and brewing mindset. This style has a fresh hop character, subtle fruity esters followed by a nice caramel and ‘biscuity’ malt backbone.”

The Company clocks in at 5.3% ABV.

According to the brewery, this beer “pairs well with grilled sliders, monterey jack cheese, and random acts of merriment.

The Company is on draft at Barley Mow’s tap room at 518 West Bay Drive in Largo and fine draft establishments across Barley Mow’s footprint.