Hourglass Brewery announces first ever bottle release

The Hourglass Brewery of Longwood has been working hard since their new location opened. The brewery has been constantly turning over beers in their tap room and has now progressed to their latest milestone, their first bottle release.

From Hourglass Brewery:

It’s a new chapter in the Hourglass timeline. After many rumors and promises, we are proud to announce it is bottle time! We will be releasing barrel aged beers frequently with 6 pack cans soon to follow. As shown below, pre-sales will be offered to extremely rare beers in order to accommodate everyone. Some will still be reserved for taproom sales so no one is left out. Spread the love! Please note that this is for pickup only. We do not ship beer.

SATURDAY – MAY 16th, 2015
The first bottle release is Schizandra, one of our highest rated beers ever. This decadent ale is a Belgian Quad aged in Bourbon Barrels on top of Tart Cherries. Savory tastes and smells of raisins, rich toffee, plums and tart cherries are gently blanketed by oak and vanilla with a bourbon backbone. Coming in at 10.5% abv, this gentle sipper is not one to be taken lightly. With smooth, well-balanced drinkability, it is best advised to take your time and savor the flavor. It pairs well with an Hourglass πŸ™‚
ORDER YOURS NOW!– Pick it up on May 16th

The Hourglass Brewery is located at 480 South Ronald Reagan Boulevard in Longwood.