Zwanze Day 2015 is coming to Redlight Redlight

Orlando’s Redlight Redlight is going to be host to Brasserie Cantillon’s annual celebration of Zwanze Day.

About Zwanze Day:
Zwanze Day is the annual celebration of Belgian beer, especially that from Brasserie Cantillon. The celebration originates when Cantillon founder Jean Van Roy found bottles of his very limited beer, Zwanze, on sale on eBay for massive amounts of money. Van Roy decided that he wanted to get his beer to as many people as possible and not only the fortunate few Wh would then sell his beer, so he transformed Zwanze Day from a bottle release at the brewery to a draft-only release in a limited number of very select bars around the world. Hosting Zwanze Day involves an application and being selected by Van Roy.

About Zwanze:
While the release of Zwanze is the same every year, the beer is not. Each year the beer or blend of beers is different, making this release unique from any other. This year the beer will be a “wild stout” according to Cantillon’s Facebook page.

If a road trip sounds enticing for this annual beery celebration, the next closest beer bars to host Zwanze Day are The Avenue Pub in New Orleans, The Church Key in Washington, D.C.., and The Birch in Norfolk, Virginia.

Redlight Redlight, the only Zwanze Day in the Southeastern United States, is located at 2810 Corrine Drive in Orlando.