Orchid Island Brewery is celebrating two years with a beer release

Orchid Island Brewery of Vero Beach has a lot to celebrate as their second birthday approaches.  Their Star Ruby was listed as classic Florida IPA to try for IPA Day.  Their brilliant Grove-to-Glass concept has evolved into an expanded brewery and a numerous citrus-infused beers that illustrate the unique citrus industry of Florida’s east coast.  While they could rest on their laurels, Orchid Island Brewery will celebrate their upcoming milestone by releasing Spectrum Triple IPA.

From Orchid Island Brewery:

Orchid Island Brewery Spectrum Day

About Orchid Island Brewery
Orchid Island Brewery is a small family driven company based out of Indian River County, FL and has built a reputation for making high performance citrus IPA’s and custom barrel aged sours. Mixing a global view and a local knowledge, OIB has allowed us to feed a brewing obsession since the first beer was built in 2008. Along the way came the home brew shops, the beer competitions, the friends and the bottle share parties, the Ocean Drive tasting room, going Pro, the good and the bad, the collaboration trips, and the stokedness, citrus infused beer at its finest. OIB is beer and always will be.

Our beer is quite literally the air that we breath. Florida is not known to produce high quality ground water like Vermont. In an effort to build razor clean beers and remain hyper-local, OIB uses technology that pulls water from the air. The process purifies OIB water to near zero-impurities and allows us to approach each beer with a blank canvas. For traditional styles we’ll add back salts and minerals to mimic water conditions found at a beers’ respective origin.