Cigar City Brewing brings Florida Man Double IPA to cans

Cigar City Brewing recently added a sliver of news to their newsletter: Florida Man, their double IPA named after the imaginary character that gets unique headlines from many news agencies, will soon be coming to cans instead of its previous format of 22-oz bottles.

Who and What is Florida Man?

A clever Twitter user began compiling all the most Florida-worthy headlines in 2013 and attributing them to “the world’s worst superhero, Florida Man”.  What better style of beer to celebrate our unintentional official state animal than a Double IPA?  Big in flavor, bold in bitterness and with an ABV wallop that can’t be ignored, our Florida Man Double IPA has been brewed and adjusted several times to find just the right recipe worthy of our beleaguered hero.  The final recipe includes six different hops sourced from all over the world.  A healthy dose of Simcoe hops adds significant spice and texture while hops with tropical notes like Azacca and Pacific Jade are featured prominently.  A hop bill this hefty requires body and sweetness to bring it into balance, and Florida Man’s malt character handles the job as easily as a gator handles a distracted handler’s finger.
Cigar City Brewing Florida Man

Though we’ve released Florida Man in 22 oz. bottles in the past, this go-around we opted for 12 oz. cans.  Beyond the litany of benefits that aluminum cans offer (recyclability and more stable beer among them), we wanted to put this beer in a container that Florida men and women could bring to a gator farm, an arena football tailgate or any other Florida Man-approved activities.

Look for four pack cans coming soon to stores throughout Florida, but make sure you grab them as soon as you see them; Florida Man will be gone quicker than you can say “malicious arson”.