Hourglass Brewing has launched Sourglass Brewing

As sour beers grow in popularity, Hourglass Brewing announces the launch of a new Sourglass Brewing.  Hourglass Brewing says it best about the launch of their new sour brewing:

Sourglass Brewing Logo

December 10th was a historic day in Hourglass history as we officially launched Sourglass Brewing! The Sourglass Brewing line will be the home of our traditionally fermented wild and mixed cultured ales! To kick off the launch, we released our first Souglass beer, Lost Creek Saison, brewed as an ode to Lost Creek Lake, which is a beautiful place in Southern Oregon where Manzanita trees line a cliff overlooking the lake.


This farmhouse ale includes berries and flowers of the Manzanita tree that were added prior to fermentation in an oak foeder with our house blend of traditional and wild yeast. Lost Creek was matured on toasted Manzanita wood before bottle conditioning.

Expect a sparkling, dry ale with spicy, floral, and cider notes, some barnyard funk, and a smooth wood finish. We hope you enjoy this beer as much as we enjoyed making it!

Sourglass Brewing Foeder

With the Sourglass launch and release of Lost Creek Saison, Hourglass Brewing will become the first producers of foeder aged beers in Orlando! This American hand-crafted oak foeder will play an integral part of the Sourglass Brewing program, specifically as a fermentation vessel for wild farmhouse ales.

The unique “egg” shape of this foeder also plays a key role in Sourglass beers. Geometry affects yeast performance, ester production, and phenols, all of which can dictate the flavors found in beer.

Foeders allow a slight bit of oxygen into the beer over time due to the contraction and expansion of the oak. The wild farmhouse ales that comes out of this Foeder will be naturally carbonated and will acquire a subtle nuanced flavor from the oak foeder itself.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the products of Sourglass Brewing and Lost Creek Saison.