Grindhaus Brew Lab to open this weekend

The siren song of Pinellas County’s craft breweries is going to get a little louder this weekend with the opening of Grindhaus Brew Lab, an offshoot of HiFi Homebrew Supplies.

From the Grindhaus Brewery Blog:

Our doors open Saturday, December 17th. It’s been a long journey but we’re nearly there. After applying for our Federal Brewer’s Notice in mid-march we finally heard back from the TTB in early October. In the first week of November, after a couple of corrections, Grindhaus Brew Lab was granted Federal Approval. Wednesday before Thanksgiving our Temporary State Permit was in hand. This means we were able to start brewing!

Progress has been steady. The tap system is in, the finishing touches are being finalized, the state inspection was a success, and our first beers are carbonating.

Brewing began a few weeks back, and it’s both exciting and a little frightening. Twelve brews are already in the books!

Recipes are in place, and we’re opening with six we’re proud of.

For more information and a list of beers, see the full post.

Grindhaus Brew Lab is located at 1650 N Hercules Ave in Clearwater.  Keep an eye on social media for the exact opening time.

About Grindhaus Brew Lab
We are Grindhaus Brew Lab – a brewery in planning, set to open in Clearwater, FL in 2016. Grindhaus Brew Lab was hatched by longtime homebrewers and craft beer ambassadors Robb Larson and Lisa Colburn, along with friend and cohort Tony Vincenti. This same team brought HiFI Homebrew and BBQ Supply to life in 2015, and Grindhaus Brew Lab will be the brewery complement, located in the current HiFi brewhouse.

Our intent is to serve extremely small-batch, high quality brews. Our small system, paired with our entire homebrew store full of brewing ingredients, allows us to create brews that you will not find at a large scale brewery.