Swamp Head Brewery releases two new limited canned beers

Gainesville’s Swamp Head Brewery is releasing two new cans in their latest run of limited release cans beginning this Saturday, December 23rd.

From Swamp Head Brewery:

It’s the season of gift-giving and we’ve got a new selection of badass brewing wizardry coming your way. After testing out a menagerie of new yeast strains, and hops on hops on hops, we’ve got a few newbies that’ll make your holidays everything they should be.
And just in case you’ve been a bad Santa and haven’t properly prepared for the season of giving, we’ve got you covered there too. Read on.

What are these beers?

Swamp Head Brewery Warmouth BarleywineSwamp Head Brewery Space Gator New England Session IPAWarmouth American Barleywine
This mindbending 14% American barleywine is the outcome of our brewers desire to dive into the depths of liquid intensity. Made with a new English ale yeast strain, plated and propagated in-house, and the largest ABV this area of our state has conceived, Warmouth had to be matured for an entire year to ensure the perfect harmony amongst heavy notes of fig, dark fruit and cherries. All wrapped up in a smooth, rich malt package, she’s ready to make an entrance, so back on up.
Released on Saturday, December 23rd at 3pm in 4-pack cans.
Price: $15 per 4-pack
Availability: Limits will be announced on social media closer to event

Space Gator Northeast-style Session IPA
We’re releasing a massive amount of intergalactic hop punch in cans.
Space Gator Northeast-style IPA is chock-full of Citra, Ella and Mosaic hops, with a down-to-earth 4.5% ABV.
Get your space can jam on, on December 23rd at 3pm.
Price: $14 per 4 pack
Availability: Limits will be announced on social media closer to event