Florida Breweries headline

Ten young Florida breweries you’ll be hearing about soon

Florida beer has grown by leaps and bounds for several years now, with the state’s haymaker breweries making names for themselves in the last ten years.  While ten years of monumental growth in craft beer has been a boon to the state and its beer scene, new breweries are working to make names for themselves all the time.  Many breweries are winning awards, accolades, and respect ever day, but some manage to fly under the radar and not get the accolades they deserve.  In the last two years, so many breweries have come up in the Sunshine State and some of them are making good beer, some are doing good business locally, and some manage to find their niche and pour liquid gold.

Florida breweries take home honors at U.S. Open Beer Championships

Florida residents have been in on the secret for a while now: craft beer in the Sunshine State has been improving, advancing, and expanding for a while now. This news has been pouring out of the Southernmost State and after this year’s U.S. Open Beer Championship, Florida’s craft breweries have proven their mettle once again amidst national competition.