Ology Brewing is releasing Berry Lactose Berliner on September 12th

Tallahassee’s Ology Brewing originally announced the release of two different canned beers coming this week – however, due to some logistics mixups, Berry Lactose Berliner only will be dropping on Thursday, September 12th.

From Ology Brewing:

We have some BAD NEWS and some GOOD NEWS, first the bad…

The BAD News:

We will not have DDH Sensory Overload (Galaxy) cans available on Thursday (9/12/19) due to some logistics mistakes on our part, which we are immensely sorry for.

With our first brews into new tanks and aggressive dry-hopping, this beer yielded a bit less than we were expecting — basically, the hops soaked up more liquid than we’d planned.

We then kegged off more of the beer than we should have given the lower yield prior to our canning run today. This left very little of the beer to be canned, so when we started our doing so today, we quickly found there wasn’t much beer left to be released.

The GOOD News:

We got all the Berry Lactose Berliner cans that we expected, and we will be releasing those cans as scheduled on Thursday (9/12/19) at 4pm!

These Berliner cans are straight berry juice, clocking in at 8%. Yep, you read that correctly, eight percent!!! We fermented this beauty on a significant amount of Raspberry, Blackberry, and Strawberry to create beautiful color, aroma, and flavor that is out of this world.

Again we apologize for not having the DDH Sensory Overload (Galaxy) in cans for you tomorrow in Tallahassee, but if you are in Minneapolis, MN you can find a few kegs of this beer out and about at some of your favorite craft beer bars.

We are constantly pushing the limits as a company, and as we grow we will definitely make mistakes. When we do, we will own them and work to implement solutions to prevent them in the future. In this case, we will be implementing some updated cellaring procedures, adapting our communications and improving how we estimate what our total yield will be on these heavily-hopped Hazy IPAs that we love to make (and drink!).

As a company we have a little internal mantra, “Evolve or Die,” and this experience will definitely push us to evolve to better our processes to ensure that we don’t run into this issue again.

Thank you all for the support and we will see you tomorrow (Thursday 9/12/19) for the Berry Lactose Berliner can release at 4pm.

These cans are in fairly limited quantity and may not last the entire weekend. Don’t sleep on these beauties.

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