Orlando’s Ocean Sun Brewing announces upcoming closure

Just after the sad news of Bury Me Brewing’s impending closure came this evening’s news of Orlando’s Ocean Sun Brewing’s upcoming final weekend in business.

Ocean Sun Brewing posted on their Facebook page:

We are sad to announce this will be our final week and are closing the brewery Saturday, Sept. 28th. It’s been an amazing three and a half years where we made so many new friends and shared so many great moments. We have been fortunate from day one to have met so many great folks from the neighborhood. Your support and friendships have made it an unforgettable experience to be your local brewery.
We can’t thank the staff enough, both past and present, for their help in giving Ocean Sun such a cool and special vibe for all of us to enjoy. They each have brought something unique to the brewery and made it a place where everyone could be themselves and enjoy a little escape. Our staff rocks!
We hope to see you all this week so we can all share a few more pints, smiles, and laughs.

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About Ocean Sun Brewing
It started as a dream and a hobby. Now we’re here! After dabbling in homebrewing and doing time in the corporate world, we came together and made craft beer a way of life. That dream became reality when we opened our doors in March 2016.

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2019 has been a tough year for craft brewers around the U.S., including Florida

2019 has also seen the closure of Grasslands Brewing of Tallahassee and Red Cypress Brewing of Winter Springs – these closures speak to the difficult nature of opening a craft brewery in a market that has 7,000+ breweries in the United States and over 350 breweries in the Sunshine State.  Areas that used to be devoid of a brewery now have two or three options at least and each brewer is competing for the same beer drinkers in areas that do not see many tourists, snowbirds, or population growth.

This is a tough beer market and making great beer is not enough for a brewery to survive, as we stated in our essay about Red Cypress Brewery’s closure. The bottom line is: have an eye on your favorite craft breweries and make sure to support them when possible.