Hourglass Brewing announces four new beers available soon

Longwood’s Hourglass Brewing announces four new beers coming soon, per the brewery’s newsletter.

From Hourglass Brewing:

Speaking of refreshing brews, we’ve not only brought back this fan favorite to sip on, but we’ve got Honeybell Witbier shirts! These sweeties will only be available for purchase in our taprooms — and they’re moving quick, so pick yours up ASAP!

Hourglass Honeybell Wit

Hourglass Honeybell Wit: (4.6% ABV) Florida is widely known for producing some of the best citrus fruits in the world – and the Florida Honeybell may well be the tastiest of them all! This Belgian-style witbier is brewed with the refreshing juices and dried peel of Florida Honeybells for a bright, enlivened bouquet. This juicy witbier boasts notes of toasted biscuit thanks to the floor-malted pilsner malt and flaked wheat. A touch of honey malt creates a crisp, light body that is complimented with freshly toasted coriander and seeds of paradise for a refreshing, subtly spiced bite.


Hourglass Raspberry Wheat

Hourglass Raspberry Wheat: (5.8% ABV) A light ale brewed with pale wheat malt and fermented to a low terminal gravity to keep it super refreshing. A bit of honey barley malt was added for a touch of sweetness and just enough hop were added to keep the beer balanced. Finally, we used hundreds of pounds of raspberry puree to give the beer the tart flavor of fresh raspberries.


Hourglas Flannel and Oxbloods

Hourglass Flannel & Oxbloods West Coast IPA: (6.3% ABV) In the 1990s, a world famous west coast brewery crafted a beer so glorious that it ushered in a new generation of brewers, and is still known today as the holy grail of west coast IPAs. Flannel & Oxbloods is our tribute to 90s grunge vibes and the IPAs that made us. Huge hop aromas burst with melodious notes of stone fruit, bitter citrus, and coniferous pine so dank, it smells like Teen Spirt. This sparkling amber ale is effervescent and larger-than-life with a tight finish that leaves progression of resinous flavors that linger with a hoppy smack.

Hourglass Brewing and Fishweir Brewing collaboration Name Drop

Hourglass/ Fishweir Name Drop NEIPA: (6.2% ABV) Not on the map? Not on tap. This collaboration with our friends at Fishweir Brewing Company is a tribute to quality over clout. Bursts of fresh tangerine, vanilla, resinous pine, and bright berry burst through this hazy brew. Each gulp greets the palate with a citrus smooth smooch, followed by a bitter slap. This NEIPA is dank, fruity, and downright refreshing. Don’t judge a brewery by its fame or a beer by its name – or lack thereof.


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About Hourglass Brewing
Hourglass Brewing is a family-owned, award-winning craft brewery in Central Florida. Established in 2012, Hourglass contributes to the community by not only providing a wide selection of beers that caters to any palate, but by working with local businesses, and even local bands, in order to lift up our home town.

If there is a specific flavor we want present in one of our beers, we search high and low to figure out how to make it work using only natural ingredients. From sourcing hops and barley, to filtering the water through our in-house reverse osmosis system, we control every element of our beers, laying the foundation for the cleanest, most refreshing taste possible.