Tallahassee’s Ology Brewing celebrates 4th anniversary with releases

One of Tallahassee’s most prolific craft breweries, Ology Brewing Company, is celebrating their 4th anniversary beginning Thursday, June 17th. In four years, Ology has expanded into three locations around its home city and now operates a coffee roaster and distillery.

Ology will be celebrating this milestone by doing what the brewery does best – release a number of special beers for their fans to enjoy.

From Ology Brewing:Ology Brewing group shot

June 17th-20th
At Ology [Midtown] and Ology [Power Mill]!
Ology is turning 4! We have multiple beer releases coming and our taprooms will be pulling out all the stops. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!
Triple Can Release!
OZNR Bottle Release
Bottle Pickup and Birthday Crème Liqueur @Ology_Powermill
Juice Lab – Different Release at @Ology_Midtown and @Ology_Powermill
Irrefutable Logic Gone BananasAbout Irrefutable Logic Gone Bananas, the anniversary Ology Beer:
Available Friday at Noon on Oznr.
We collaborated with Quick N Save on this Barrel-Aged Stout. After 16 months sitting in a Willett Rye Barrel, this thick stout was loaded with tons of Wild Thai Bananas and accented with Marshmallow and Cinnamon. Bright exotic banana melds with deep sweet aromas. First sip starts with vanilla, chocolate, and caramels from the grain and barrel and as the sip develops – banana starts to come forward. We are extremely happy with this stout and proud to share it with you!
We can’t say it enough, thank you for your support over the past couple years. Our ability to produce the products we do and grow to where we are is all because of your support. Thank you! We look forward to partying with you!
Ology BrewingAbout Ology Brewing
We’re an experimental brewery, where we create small-batch ales that let the wild, funky and sour flavors of beer converge. Here, we believe that microbes are magical and taste is transcendent. That’s why we constantly work to revive old-world recipes, research ingredient combinations, and experiment with new techniques to give you a higher quality beer experience.