Sarasota’s Big Top Brewing Company announces new acquisition and new taproom

Sarasota’s Big Top Brewing has been making some serious moves in the last few months. First the brewery has opened satellite locations around Florida, and now a new acquisition.

One of Sarasota’s first craft breweries, Big Top Brewing has made a name for themselves with Circus City IPA, HawaiiLogo from Sarasota's Cock and Bullan Lion Coffee Porter, Key Lime Wheat Ale, and other seasonal and experimental releases.

First, came Big Top’s expansion into Pensacola – building not just a tasting room, but also a full brewery. Then came Big Top’s expansion into a brewery and tasting room in Gainesville. Each brewery would carry Big Top’s packaged and draft offerings but also offer exclusive beers to their local fans.

Then came Big Top’s big news in their hometown: Big Top merged with Sarasota landmark craft beer bar The Cock and Bull to re-open the area’s first craft beer bar as a Big Top tasting room. The former owners will still be involved, per a Sarasota Magazine article, but the place will no longer be called The Cock and Bull.

The Cock and Bull posted that they are, “thrilled to announce that Big Top Brewery is doing the biggest tap takeover ever!

The gentlemen from Sarasota’s first brewery made Sarasota’s first beer garden an offer we couldn’t refuse. State Fair Stout and Mind the Gap Porter proved how great things can be together. 💕

The arrangement is a win-win-win (BT, C&B, and you all 😊)

🍻Expanded and upgraded beer garden
🍻Added full regularly scheduled music & events
🍻More Big Top on tap
🍻Additional food
🍻Increased open hours
🍻More than 2 bartenders
🍻Less than 30 minutes for your pizza
Big Top is the perfect brewery to operate the areas biggest beer garden! You won’t miss a thing: pizzas, pretzels & beer cheese, and bagels on the weekend.
So, when 975 Cattlemen Rd reopens in a few weeks, there may or not be a C&B in the name but there will be C&B in the heart. We will see you there!
Naughty Monk logo

With the acquisition and transformation of The Cock and Bull underway, finally this week Big Top Brewing announced that they would be taking over operation of Bradenton’s Naughty Monk Brewery.

From Big Top Brewing:

We will be taking over Naughty Monk Brewery on Lakewood Ranch Blvd! We will be keeping Naughty Monks core beers and adding our lineup to the mix! Plus, we have BubbaQue’s BBQ Lakewood Ranch food truck 7 days a week! You have to stop by!

More details will be published as they are made public.

Big Top Brewing logo 2021

About Big Top Brewing Company
When we started Big Top Brewing Company, there were no craft breweries in the Sarasota area and we set out to fix that. We have a great town, with a great history, and the only thing missing was that great local beer. We wanted to compliment Sarasota’s historical associations with The Ringling Circus, performing arts, great architecture, the best art and design schools and world renown tourism.

The best way we could do that was to craft beer that our home town can be proud of. With brewing, tasting, and entertaining happening at our location on Porter Way in Sarasota, we plan to continue the tradition of the arts and help Sarasota add beer town to its identity. Come step under our big top and see for yourself. Big Top Brewing Company artistically crafts world class beers, inspired by our passion, integrity, and the history of our home town.