Magnanimous Brewing Bradenton is opening Friday, February 25th

Friday, February 25th will mark a new day for Magnanimous Brewing – the Tampa-based brewery will no longer be a one-location operation. Magnanimous Brewing Bradenton, or the “Magnanatee” location will open its doors at noon. The new facility is the former home of Darwin Brewing Company of Bradenton, whose taproom and brewery closed and the brand sold previously to another brewery.
For more information, brewery co-founder and co-owner Charlie Meers appeared as a guest on the BeerWise Podcast, and gave some background on the brewery and operation.

Bradenton: Folks, our brand new tasting room in Bradenton is ready to welcome you in. Friday at 12pm we are opening the doors for all our pals in Manatee County.
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➡️ Scroll through to see our hours moving forward plus our opening tap list and what cans we got to go, plus how the whole parking sitch around Magnanatee works!
What will be on tap when the brewery opens?
Hoppy Beers
Juice Lord IPA
Fuzzy Huggers IPA
Juicy Secret Double Dry-Hopped IPA
Phantom Haze Lord IPA
Ride the Haze Craze IPA
Master of Hazies Double Dry-Hopped Double IPA
… And Juice For All IPA
Vine Whipped Double Dry-Hopped IPA
Crown Light Lager
Kral Pilsner
Brecher Bier Helles Lager
Golden Rule European Lager
Phantom Force Dark Lager
Fixed Income Imperial Stout
Tropical Resurrection Imperial Sour Ale
Berry Yourself Alice Imperial Sour Ale
Visit Magnanimous Brewing on social media to view additional details (like available cans to go) of the facility’s opening.
Congratulations to the team at Magnanimous on this occasion!
Magnanimous Brewing LogoAbout Magnanimous Brewing
Magnanimous Brewing was founded from the collected experience of a few veterans of the Tampa Bay and U.S. craft beer scene who had a vision to open their own brewery and spread the idea of being great both in beer and to people. From their brewery in the Tampa Heights neighborhood, the crew at Magnanimous Brewing strive to fulfill their mantra in beer and in life: “Be Magnanimous.”
“Magnanimous people have no vanity, they have no jealousy, and they feed on the true and the solid wherever they find it. And, what is more, they find it everywhere.”- Van Wyck Brooks.