Big Storm Brewing Co. reduces carbon footprint with innovative technology 

Big Storm Brewing Co. reduces carbon footprint with innovative technology 

Clearwater-based company is first in Florida to capture and reuse carbon emissions from brewing & distilling operations 

Press Release: Big Storm Brewing Co. is becoming more eco-friendly. The company announced it is becoming the first Florida distiller and brewer to use innovative technology to reuse its carbon emissions. Partnering with Earthly Labs of Austin, TX, Big Storm is installing two CiCi systems that allows Big Storm to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from the brewing and distilling process and reuse it to reduce CO2 emissions. Big Storm will install one system for brewing and a second for its distillery. 

“This move allows us to be more eco-friendly and better protect the environment,” said Big Storm co-owner L.J. Govoni. “We want to be proactive by reducing our carbon emissions to ensure a better future for everyone. We hope our commitment to sustainability inspires others.”

The fermentation process produces carbon dioxide. This technology will capture CO2 off beer tanks one week, and distilling tanks the next. Both systems will purify the CO2, which will be reused onsite primarily to carbonate and package beer. Big Storm will be able to capture the equivalent of more than 1,500 trees worth of CO2 every year.

“In addition to the environmental benefits, the recovered CO2 makes for a better product,” added Govoni. “Reusing the purified carbon will give the beer a nicer taste and mouth feel.”

Big Storm has made sustainability a key area of investment. The company will be part of Earthly Labs Climate Leader program, advancing research and development for the distilling industry and sharing those insights with their peers.

“Leading distillers like Big Storm are studying their CO2 emissions and looking for ways to capture, reuse, sell or convert CO2 to keep it out of the atmosphere,” said Earthly Labs CEO Amy George. “Big Storm’s willingness to provide a live lab to innovate is priceless – helping us to accelerate market-driven climate tech innovation to meet the climate challenge.”

Installation of the Earthly Labs CiCi carbon capture unit, which is the size of a double door refrigerator, at Big Storm Brewing Co. began last month. Big Storm expects CO2 capture within a few weeks.

In the wake of the United National Climate Conference (COP26) in Scotland, carbon capture has emerged as an area of interest for the world to achieve emissions reductions targets. Climate scientists estimate carbon capture technology is needed as part of the portfolio of climate mitigation strategies to solve for 20% of the problem, or 2 gigaton of CO2 by 2040. This combined with CO2 market shortages will fuel demand for small-scale carbon capture technology like Earthly Labs.

Editor’s note: Big Storm is the first brewery AND DISTILLERY to utilize this technology, but Proof Brewing Company of Tallahassee began using this technology in their brewing operations on Earth Day, 2021.

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About Big Storm Brewing & Distilling
Founded in 2012 in Pasco County, Big Storm currently has four taprooms in the Sunshine State — Clearwater, Orlando, Odessa and Cape Coral.

Big Storm has embraced its tagline of “Florida’s Craft Beer Forecast,” by developing a dynamic lineup of Florida favorites like Tropic Pressure Florida Ale, steeped with hibiscus flowers, and Key Lime Shandy, brewed with key lime puree.

With a commitment to exceptional customer service, dedication to quality products and the ambition to explore opportunities left unexplored, Big Storm has become a leader in the craft beer industry and beyond.

About Earthly Labs
A Chart Industries company, Earthly Labs’ mission is to capture and avoid one billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The company’s carbon capture technology allows for energy-efficient capture, purification and reuse of carbon dioxide from small-scale sources. Earthly Labs’ solution includes patent pending small footprint capture hardware “CiCi®” process control and monitoring software, and maintenance services. CiCi (Oak) solution helps craft breweries, wineries and distilleries reduce CO2 costs, reduce CO2 emissions, and potentially sell excess CO2 to drive revenue. Earthly Labs merged with Chart Industries (NYSE: GTLS), a leading independent global manufacturer of highly engineered equipment in the energy and industrial gas market. To find out more, visit or