Odd Breed Presently Antiquated now available

Odd Breed is proud to announce a new beer being released this weekend! Bottles go on sale on the Oznr app at Noon on Friday 4/8/22, and bottles will be available for pick up in our taproom starting at 4:00 on the same day.

Presently Antiquated is an anachronism. A century ago, brewers and drinkers alike in both Belgium and England were fond of aged beer. Aged beer had a vinous quality with thirst quenching acidity from the natural inclusion of wild yeast and bacteria. Those that could afford to drink aged beer did, and fresh beer was by comparison less complex and not considered special.

At Odd Breed, we focus on these craft beer anachronisms. I know this beer (and pretty much the rest of our lineup) is presently antiquated, but we’ll keep doing our part to shine light on the styles we love to drink and produce. We can’t go back in time and try historic Belgian ales, but I think this beer shares some key characteristics with those oak aged beers from a century ago.

The backbone of this blend is a special version of our Saison Past & Future, aged 24 months in French oak. This extra aged version of Past & Future comprises 92% of the blend, with equal parts of a Hoppy Saison aged 12 months and Wild Lager aged 6 months making up the rest of the blend. While this blend does not contain any turbid mashed beer, the flavor profile is more in line with our Lambic-inspired beers: floral aged hops greet the palate and deliver notes of sandalwood and cedar mixed with overripe tropical fruit and classic Brettanomyces phenolic funk.

Odd Breed Presently Antiquated
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Based in Pompano Beach, FL, Odd Breed Wild Ales is one of just a handful of breweries in the country focusing on producing wild ales that are fermented and aged in oak. OB’s management views oak-aged wild ales as the ultimate, most complex type of beer—and customers and beer lovers agree wholeheartedly. For additional information, visit: OddBreed.com.