Crystal River’s Copp Brewery updates on new location

Copp Brewery, Crystal River’s craft brewery, has been “opening a new location soon” for over a year. Based on recent updates, however, it looks like the Citrus County craft brewery is set to open “later this month” (May 2022).

From Copp Brewery:

Finally an update with some info to drink to! As you know we’ve been opening in two weeks for the past three months. Trust me when I say we’ve been working almost non-stop to make it happen. This has been no small undertaking considering in addition to a much larger venue, brewery and wine making operation we’ve teamed up with one of the best restaurants around to bring you The Prohibition Grill.

Copp Prohibition Grill DoorCopp Prohibition Grill Patio Copp Prohibition Grill Exterior

Drumroll please…. well maybe half of a drumroll. The days and hours we intend to START with are set (see pic). As for the big question: When? Although we don’t have a date set in stone, we can say with confidence that it will be toward the end of this month….Yes this month, toward the end. May 2022! Unless it ends up being “in another two weeks.”

For the many that have asked or new location will be:
7855 W Gulf to Lake Hwy Crystal River
Near Manatee Lanes on 44 not far from our current location.

As for the restaurant, it’s well known that our brewers make some great beers, and our winemakers make some tasty wine. Another universal fact is that just because you can make good beer and wine doesn’t mean you can make good food (we do have a brewer who knows his way around a grill and makes phenomenal pickled veggies, the rest of us are experts at microwave operations.) Fact is that the only way to guarantee good food is to have it made by experts in the restaurant industry.

Copp Brewery and Winery is thrilled to have had the opportunity to partner with one of the most popular restaurants around, Cajun Jimmy’s Seafood Seller, to bring you the Prohibition Grill. This is an entirely new restaurant built from the ground up to include a menu developed from scratch. Our new venture is sure to redefine craft food and drink.

Visit the Prohibition Grill at our Facebook page.



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About Copp Brewery
Copp Brewery was founded by brewer Fran Copp as Crystal River’s (and Citrus County’s) first craft brewery. With a core lineup of locally-influenced beers Southern Grit Cream Ale, King’s Bay IPA, and Double Black Stout, Copp beers are local favorites.