Palm Harbor’s Lagerhaus closes its doors

On Friday, September 16th, Palm Harbor’s Lagerhaus Brewery and Grill sent out an email to customers on their mailing list with the subject “Good Bye Party for Lagerhausers.”

Best known for traditional German-inspired beers as well as beers that defied tradition, Lagerhaus Brewery and Grill was home to one of Tampa Bay’s original brewers, Franz Rothschadl. Franz was the brewer at Hoppers Grill and Brewery, one of the first brewpubs that married fresh beer brewed onsite with a restaurant. From the same era that started Dunedin Brewery and Tampa Bay Brewing Company, Lagerhaus maintained a small brewpub in a nondescript shopping plaza in Palm Harbor. Quietly winning multiple awards at the Great American Beer Festival and beyond, Lagerhaus would pour traditional beer and unconventional beer with regular specials for locals. Lagerhaus was best known for the award-winning Royal Bohemian Pils, Imperial Lambics that boasted 16-18% ABV, 44 Magnum (a 22% ABV beer), and countless Oktoberfests and celebrations.
According to a recent post by Franz, he and his partners will try to open a new location at an undisclosed place and time.
From Lagerhaus:
Hello, dear Lagerhausers and Customers!
With a heavy heart and a bit of looking forward to new adventures, I have to announce that after 16 years I have closed down Lagerhaus this weekend. While the old landlord has given us a small break on the lease during Covid for which they got a lot of uncle Sam $$$, the shopping center was sold in July 2021 to a stock-traded investment firm. Until now we could not come to an agreement for a new lease and they have put it up for lease at the end of the year without letting us even know.
In good consciousness, I cannot hire people without disclosing this so I decided to close the business down.
We will look for another place in the area not before next year though, as I will go on vaca…
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About Lagerhaus Grill and Brewery
LAGERHAUS was founded in 2006 to embrace the culture of beer. Learn more about Lagerhaus by visiting the brewery’s website.