Zymarium Meadery is close to opening as Orlando’s first meadery

Zymarium Meadery has announced that the meadery has passed inspections and is on their way to opening Orlando’s first meadery.

From Zymarium Meadery:

It’s been a very long road to get to this point, and passing all of the final inspections was the culmination of all the individual hurdles along the way. We’re extremely happy to share that as of earlier this week, we are now OVER this final hurdle! While Joe’s been focusing heavily on the mead production side of things over the past several months, the physical build-out of the meadery has been Ginger’s blood, sweat, and tears from the beginning and every step of the way, starting with the design of the taproom before we even signed the lease, and seeing that vision through to end…

So what does that mean for us now? We are currently working on hiring and building the Zymarium Meadery team that will be the heart of the meadery when we open our doors! We also have a few more items to obtain from the city now that we’re past all of our construction, and finish putting together a few more final touches before soft opening. We will be announcing our soft opening dates *very soon* as we get a better idea of our realistic timeline in the upcoming weeks. WE’RE SO CLOSE!!

More details will be posted as the meadery makes them available.

For more information, visit Zymarium Meadery’s website.

Zymarium Meadery Product Shot

About Zymarium Meadery
Ginger Leigh / Synthestruct and Joe Leigh will be officially partnering together as co-owners of the meadery! Her contributions over the past few years have been invaluable, not only in helping shape the recipes for the meads with her exceptional palette, but also as the designer behind our logo, our name, and her uncompromising vision for the meadery. Many of you know her for her interactive installations and large-scale audiovisual experiences, and as part of the meadery, Synthestruct will be designing the entire tasting room experience, which will be a permanent multi-sensory installation space to enjoy all the flavorful dimensions of the meads we will be serving!

We could not be more thrilled, and look forward to being part of the Orlando community. If you’re not in Orlando, you can still try our meads! Since we are considered a winery and not a brewery, we will be able to ship our meads to most states when we open!